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Every webmaster can understand the meaning of backlinks. We need backlinks to rank our sites higher in Google and other search engines. Search engines count the number of backlinks for a web page and assign a rank to it in in search results.

Hence, every webmaster always look to get as many backlinks as possible.

In this article I explained few free methods of getting links.

a. Giveaway your docs: Take 5 – 6 articles of yours that are related, convert them into a pdf. Submit the pdf in the below sites for free with a link to your site.

b. Submit your pdf in torrent sites: Submit your pdf in torrent sites with a link back to your 1337x. There are number of torrent sites which accepts ebooks. All you have to do is create an account, create a torrent file and upload. Here are few sites you can upload.

c. Ning communities: Do you know that there are hundreds of ning communities in almost any niche with thousands of members? Once you create an account in these sites, you can participate in forum discussions, submit articles, upload videos etc.. Whatever you do, just put a link back to your site. That’s it! Here are few sites you can use if you belong to IM niche.

d. Forums: People always consider forums as only a discussion board. But few forums act as good backlink sources. Put a link to your site in the signature of your account.

e. Download Sites: Take your pdf, convert into an exe file using a free software called “websitezippacker”. Submit the exe file in the below sites. This way you can quickly get PR4+ links. Well, there are many download sites but the below sites are the best.

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