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Diving into questions can take you deep into your inner knowing, the part of you that has all the answers, the part of you that knows the truth.

The first step is the willingness to ask and admitting that you don’t know what to do. This can be a great relief when you can admit to yourself that you don’t have to know everything.

Learning how to ask jamb runz can give you deep insight into your true inner feelings and also give you a new insight about something in a way you didn’t know was even possible.

This new knowledge and understanding creates more questions, more desire to know even more which leads to more knowledge and understanding. Questioning then becomes a way of living for greater purpose and fulfilment.

When you have a desire to ask a question not only does it mean there is a wish to have answers but it also shows you what you already know and can help you see with clarity who you are and the reality of your life.

A question is a longing to understand something at deeper level and is an opening to finding your passion and strong desire. However it is important not to let the insistence that is nagging at you, the impatience to know the answer be the guiding force. The way to find the answers within your inner wisdom is to let go of any stress or pressure and allow the stillness of the universe be your guide.

Allowing the question to just be can take you on a deep journey within from which both knowing and not knowing are found. Sometimes not being able to understand and just letting go is the answer. This may seem a contradiction but there are times when faith, belief and trust lead to wholeness, peace, freedom and love. No knowing or not having answers can actually expand your awareness and lead you to further realizations, experience and development. It can take away the need to know, the worry and the pressure of having to know, but at these times you can feel relief, joy and contentment.

When you need to seek answers, when you have the great desire to know more, there are steps you can take to go deeper and to gain more understanding. Questions lead to questions so you will never stop the need to explore more and more.

Asking questions is a deep and meaningful way to connect to Divine love through your true inner wisdom, the Divine and the angels. It is a direct way of gaining insight not only your true self but the world around you, and the universe. Questions set off a chain reaction of energy that spirals into the universe, so use them often to open up, expand and connect to the energy of love.

Questions are an opportunity to explore your desires, and to explore your questions to understand more about who you are. So see questions as a chance to delve deeply into you and discover who you are to find more happiness, more courage, strength, and happiness.

1. So you can start by first asking, where is your question coming from? Is it from a particular belief you have, a fear a need or just a possibility? Why are you asking this question now, what prompted it?

2. Have you been unable to ask this question before because you were hurt, had you hidden it, or felt guilt or shame? Why do you feel you can ask this question now?

3. Do you feel a great longing to find the answers? Do you think it is to please others or to prove something?

4. Are there any feelings or thoughts that sparked this question? Are there any questions that would naturally follow this one? How would you feel if you received the answers you wanted?

5. Have you made any assumptions about yourself when you asked this question, what are they? Have you made any assumptions about others within this question, what are they? What about the question itself, have you assumed the answer?

6. What do you feel as you ask this question, what do you experience in thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Can you feel your way to the answer? Can you receive any insight through your feelings and emotions?

Do not forget to be kind to yourself no matter what you think, or feel, surround yourself with kindness, gentleness and peace.

Remember if you use journaling to answer the above questions you open up to greater possibilities.

This is a simple but powerful way for gaining self awareness and to gain more understanding through delving into your questions and it gives you the opportunity to really know and understand your desires in a deeper way.

Using journaling in this way gives you confidence in your answers and you learn to see yourself without judgment.

Putting your thoughts and feelings into words helps you to be able to realize how deeply you are feeling them, and you can begin to accept them instead of running from them.

If you can write down how you feel about your questions using the questions above it can really help you to see where you are in your life and where you would like to be.

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