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When I began playing WoW, I never comprehended why Blizzard would send me these strangely worded emails about how I had been hacked and I needed to click on a link to get my account back. I quickly figured out that, Blizzard is actually a very literate company, they do posses the ability to create a complete sentence, oddly enough.

As I played WoW more and the WoW merge occurred I began getting a lot more of these emails, presumably the sneaky scammers only needed my email (Which they already had if I was getting their emails) and my password to get into my account, rather than my account name and my password as well as an email account to send their fake Blizzard scam to.

As the years have gone by the emails have gotten a lot better, and a lot of the time look just like real emails from Blizzard and even I have trouble telling who is who sometimes. But then again, I still get quite a few of the poorly worded, grammatical error riddled emails that are clearly not from the multi-billion dollar company that is Blizzard.
Here is an exert from one I got just yesterday.

“…we will be complimentary seat to the 5,000 players. You can log Web site application, we will be lucky players randomly.” (Talking about a promotional mount that bobby kotick  is giving away for clicking on the links in the well worded email)

Now the beginning of email is fairly well written, but near the end it falls apart and becomes a mash up of words with no flow or reason. But the fact is the scammers are getting better, the emails almost direct replica’s of emails you would receive from Blizzard, even down to the [email protected] (or something like that) that all Blizzard emails come from. And a lot of people will fall prey and have fallen prey to them.

How to Defend against them:

One of the best ways to not get sucked in, is to never access anything Blizzard related without going through the appropriate account management. Almost everything Blizzard will send in an email, can be accessed through the official site, and you can be sure they wont steal your account info!

If your not into that, try just reading the email through, and picking it apart sentence by sentence like you’re marking an English essay. Chances are, if there are errors, chances are its not authentic.

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