Top 5 Reasons To Have a Map and Directions on Your Website



After creating an application to allow a map and driving directions be placed on almost anyone’s website quickly and easily. I thought it would be a good idea to let me know why they need a map and directions on their website anyways. You can find out more information about our application by click the link to our demo page listed at the bottom of this article.

So now for the reasons.

  1. Customers can easily and quickly find out if your location(s) is near them. Making it easier and quicker for someone to get your location is an advantage as a result can be that they come to your place of business quicker. Think about it if your searching online for pet stores and you come across a store you want to go to and you can easily find the location you might move on and try to find another store because it was to hard to find out how to get to that one. You don’t want a potential customer not being you customer just because they had a hard time find out how to get to you.
  2. Providing driving directions ensure your new customers and current customers will not have a problem getting to your location. You can rest assured that you customer will be able to get acurate directions if you provide a them on your website. I have even seen one doctors office use that as their sole means of letting people how to get to their office. When they have a new patient they just direct them to their website to get directions on how to get to the office.
  3. By having your location’s map and directions embedded on your website you don’t cut the flow as opposed to having a link to MapQuest or Google Maps so that a web visitor can get directions. I have seen many times when someone is online doing something and they get distracted by some ad or something else on the UFABET เว็บตรง page. If you have the directions and map on your website you will not have to worry about the user getting distracted and going off on some other road.
  4. If the viewer wants to print the page they will be printing your web page out. In a way this means you their printing an advertisement out for your business. You never know who could see it next and as a result want business from you. You can even have some sort of advertisement on your page you have the map and directions with the intent that they will print this out.
  5. It makes your website look more up-to-date. By having these on your website you present the appearance of a higher class looking and designed website. Would you not think better of a website if it could provide you with everything you needed instead of directing you to some other website. You find of get the feeling they did not spend enough time on creating their website when things needed to be outsourced like that.


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