Top 5 Sunglasses Style Trends For 2020



The latest sunglasses styles are knocking around the corners as the new year arrives. Many styles like Aviators, Wayfarers and Square Sunglasses are bound to stay for long. But there is more to sunglasses than only these three styles. People are now exposed to various ways to explore and find sunglasses as the experience is just not limited to brick & mortar stores.

Youth today buy sunglasses online and few of the styles just get picked up.

Let us take a stab at what to expect in the sunglasses fashion world in the year 2020.

  • Geometric Sunglasses

Next year is going to be all about shapes. That is how you should be looking to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. There are different shapes to try on right from the square, rectangle, hexagons, octagon and even multi-cut sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses with shape variations can add a subtle charm to any outfit you wear.

Choosing the right shape for your sunglasses depends on your face as well. If you pick up any boldly shaped sunglasses, it will sharpen your facial features. Women with sharp, edgy jawlines can pull off an ultra-chic vibe. No wonder why so many women celebrities are often spotted wearing this kind of glasses.

And guys who’d to shy away from shape cuts can feel at ease. There are a plethora of sunglasses online store offering pentagon, hexagon and even diamond-cut sunglasses to not let guys draw the short straw when it comes to the face shape lottery. You’ll ramp up your charisma with sort of shaped sunglasses that not many guys would dare to go along with.

  • Cat-Eye Sunglasses with a Twist

Cateye sunglasses are in fashion for a long time. It is a type that flatters shape and pulls up the face by emphasizing the cheekbones. And in 2020, this classic style is getting a makeover with a range of funky varieties. Cateye sunglasses are adorned by women across the globe and this time around it has only got brighter, bolder and high on the finish with colours. You can stylish Cateye sunglasses online and try out the bold colours to carry a style with substance.

A typical Cateye sunglasses offer some bold styling on top carrying some feather-light details at the bottom half of lenses. These features an upswept browline tapering upwards towards the temples. It boasts some studding at the upper edges as well which makes it a distinct style to carry.

There are many variations to generations of Cateye sunglasses that has come of the time. Today’s contemporary Cateye sunglasses for women comes with sweeping browline that harmonizes with other shapes likes oval, oversized D-frame lenses, etc.

Next year we can anticipate some funky avatars of Cateye sunglasses turning them to hottest accessory styles of the year. You can expect the next generation of Cateye with some exaggerated wing-shaped frames, details of encrusted pearl and crystal coupled with some bright, unique prints.

More women should try blending in this style of shades to their collection as it features vintage appeal with a contemporary feel to it. Go for its unique shades that contrast with your outfit to incorporate these shades to your collection to make an eye-catching statement. For a touch of vintage flair, why not add a pair of cat-eye specs to your everyday glasses collection?

  • Oversized Sunglasses

It seems that oversized sunglasses are here to stay for long. This is one style that amplifies your looks regardless of the outfit you wear. Women especially love oversized sunglasses which are synonymous to chic. Celebs who skips makeup or catch a redeye flights pull this off in style as a fashion statement. This is a glamorous style which is expected to take fashionistas to storm in the year 2020. People who’d rather prefer keeping things to themselves and be private can have these glasses which keeps other people at bay.

The colour shades of oversized sunglasses make a lot of difference. It is recommended to choose the colourful shades in distinctive design to get the best out of your oversized pair. Consider buying tints of blue and orange shades that blend with the titanium frames that form a subtle melange of nineties era and the modern world.

These are cool accessories for men and women alike that goes back to the early nineties. Even men are harking back to the good old style of sunglasses giving a luxurious feel to their outfit styling.

  • Brow Bar Sunglasses

The year 2020 will witness what is the new, modern version of Aviator sunglasses. You simply cannot ignore the brow bar sunglasses for men and women that come in a variety of style. This rather evolved version of aviators has many admirers from both the genders as it comes straight off recent runways with a top bar frame. Boast a class pair of brow bar sunglasses in 2020 to add a dash of attitude to your styling and outfits. This one brings a subtle element of boldness to your overall style quotient.

Remember, these are the sunglasses that will draw a lot of attention for being a bolder version of classy aviators. This one has their flight path boasting a range of guises which makes the selection a little easy. When you are looking to buy sunglasses online then check for aviator

  • Round Sunglasses

Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and the latest person who pulled round frames with style were Steve Jobs. While they all wore eyeglasses, you can’t rule out the round sunglasses style. John Lennon cultured the style of round sunglasses in the late ’60s and since then there is no turning back for so-called Lennon-esque sunglasses. This one adds a subtle hippie flavour to your wardrobe you carry.

Even if rock ‘n’ roll isn’t your thing, consider this style as a classic vintage one to carry with a certain swagger. The year 2020 will be no different from the rest as round sunglasses for men and women are bound to stay around for long that befits square and diamond-shaped faces.


Regardless of the fashionistas’ preferences and tips, we recommend you to go with the style you love and think that suits best on you. And as the year progresses we are bound to get more stylish sunglasses online and upgrades to an already existing range of sunglasses styles.

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