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Soft Washing is a method of cleaning and restoring various substrates and surfaces, namely more delicate substrates on the exterior of a home or building.

Soft Washing originated in Florida back in the early 1980’s. Initially it was conceived as a new and more effective way of cleaning asphalt shingled roofs, however since the early days, it has been further developed and is now a method of cleaning and restoring many other substrates and surfaces around a home or commercial property.

Soft Washing was developed to eradicate the damage which was being caused by Power Washing machinery and equipment, when cleaning asphalt shingles. Power Washing Shingles was caused the small limestone particles present in the roof shingles to dislodge and enter the guttering system, leading to premature failure of the roofing structure.

Eco-Friendly soft washing ohio  solutions began to be used to first break down and loosen the black and green algae, moss, lichen and general dirt and grime and subsequently, it eliminated the need for the potentially damaging use of High Pressure Water Cleaning methods which were in popular use at the time.

After news of the these pioneering and highly effective methods spread across the United States and the rest of the world, it became the only method recommended to clean not only Asphalt Shingles, but many other substrates as well. Substrates including Vinyl and Aluminum Siding, Gutters & Downspouts, Bricks, Sandstone, Limestone, Wood and Decking materials, Some Concrete Areas and many others.

Soft Washing is not only safer, it is much more effective at treating and killing off a range of micro-organisms which thrive in poros substrates such as those mentioned above.

A specialty blend of cleaning agents is applied to the substate being cleaned and adequate dwell time is given so the micro-organisms such as moss, algae, mold and mildew is effectively killed off deep in the poros of the material. This is something Power Washing is not able to do.

Once the micro-organisms have been treated and killed, low pressure water can be used to gently rinsed the solution and dead spores away. This method has eliminate the potential for damage, retards the regrowth of algae, moss and other micro-organisms, it is not toxic and environmentally friendly.

Fast forward to today, Soft Washing is the preferred method of the Professional Power Washing industry to clean the exterior of homes, buildings, roofs and many other areas.

Soft Washing is also used to clean concrete ground areas as the method is exactly the same as it is to clean roofs or other delicate substrates. It is particularly used on areas that are regularly maintained and perhaps not heavily soiled with dirt and other contaminants. A light spraying of a suitable cleaning agent is applied to concrete areas, which kills off any deeply embedded spores and retards their regrowth.

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