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Umzug wien

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is known worldwide for its unique and delicious food. One of these is the Vienna sausage or Wiener Würstel. This is a thin sausage patterned after Germany’s Frankfurter. Often when people think of Wiener, they associate it with the sausages.

This particular sausage is called Viennese in many parts of Europe. In Austria and some other countries, though, it is known as the Frankfurter. The Vienna sausage can refer to any pre-cooked or smoked wieners (Viennese in the German language) bought fresh from the butcher shops, supermarkets and delicatessens.

As far as taste is concerned, the Umzug wien  is quite similar to the American hot dog and Frankurter although it is just longer and thinner. Its casing is also light and can be eaten.

This delicious sausage started to be known in Frankfurt/Main in Germany during the Middle Ages. The people there at that time believed that the Viennese sausage actually originated from their city.

It was actually Johann Georg Lahner who got the credit for this popular Viennese sausage. History has it that this man who lived from 1772 to 1845 moved from Frankfurt to Vienna in the year 1805 and since then has become well known in the Austrian capital owing to his Frankfurter sausages. Through the years, the sausage became even more popular and is now being enjoyed by people all ages from around the world.

Today, Vienna sausage is available either canned or in packs in almost any country. It can be made from different types of meat such as that of chicken, pork, beef and turkey. The meat is usually grounded into a paste and mixed with salt, spices and mustard and stuffed into a light casing that can either be smoked or just cooked thoroughly.

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