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Today we live in a society that expects mail, parcels and messages to be delivered at high speed and in a secure fashion. Ensuring the quality of delivery service is integral to business success. However, before the 1980’s there was little in the way of options for easy and convenient methods of shipping goods. Then the couriers came!

A courier is a person or company that is responsible for the delivery of packages and parcels. Courier companies typically offer same day, overnight and international delivery as well as more specific collection services. Nowadays there are many large and small companies operating both regionally and worldwide.

Couriers have become a fundamental part of society, be it at home or in the workplace. When the door bell rings it’s not uncommon to see a courier standing there with a parcel and either a form or machine to take your signature.

Why use a courier? As a premium service, couriers are typically more expensive than conventional mail services, but the following reasons for using a courier often outweigh the extra cost:

1. Speed of delivery
2. Security of sensitive information
3. Regular postal service restrictions

Speed of delivery

Sometimes a parcel has to be at its destination on the same day. It is urgent and needs to get there fast. Same day couriers can collect from most major towns and remote areas within a couple of hours. By using a normal mail service, parcels would not be delivered on the same day; at best they would arrive on the following day.

Using an overnight courier is another quick way to get a parcel delivered if it can wait another day. This is a popular option as it is cheaper than a same day service courier, but still has impressive results for both the sender and receiver.

Security of sensitive information

Identity theft has become an increasing concern over the last few years. Identity theft is a form of fraud where someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person’s identity. One way thieves can achieve this is by obtaining personal information and credentials such as bank account details, national insurance numbers and credit card statements that are found in victim’s post. The loss of personal data can be hugely damaging for businesses, which is why many choose to use reliable and trustworthy couriers. Money is also sent via couriers because there is no guarantee that it will reach its destination when placed in a post box for the normal post service to handle. Many businesses look for courier companies that use drivers who have been security checked and make tracking the whereabouts of parcels readily available.

Regular postal service restrictions

Regular postal services usually have restrictions on the size and weight of a parcel. This includes limits on how long a package can be. Some things like motorbikes are simply not practical to send via a regular service – even if there were no size restrictions in place, as they are often unable to make any guarantees that the item being sent will reach its destination. The chances of an item being damaged by a courier during transport are slim, as their reputation relies on good service.

There are many more reasons to use a courier but it’s impossible to list them all. If you have a business where shipping plays an important role you should consider the advantages of using a courier.


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